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Little effort makes

a big change.

Under our care is 30 children.

Why exactly children from Cameroon?

Education can change the lives

of children from Cameroon.

Education is the only chance to improve the living conditions of children in Cameroon.


Our children

Under our care there are 30 children in two orphanages (both houses have been created especially for them).

 and about 200 living with parents, thanks to our support going to school (instead of working from an early age). We also have 5 scholarship holders in Poland.

Education is the only chance to improve their living conditions.

That's why we fund educational and social scholarships for the poorest pupils. We organize extracurricular activities, eg art workshops, sports activities or language lessons.

In addition to education in our homes, children are guaranteed safety, meals, medical care (which in Cameroon is almost a luxury).

We enable the best students to continue their studies at university - in Cameroon or in Poland.

 Currently, such help is used by Weronika Poupinan of the Academy of Special Education

in Warsaw and Sonia Anzong.

In sum:

  • We support about 230 children on the spot.

  • 30 children live permanently in the Foyer St. Dominique in Yaounde.

  • We also have 5 scholarship holders in Poland.

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Education can change the lives of children from Cameroon.

Thanks to them we help

At the beginning of our activity, apart from our willingness and determination, we had nothing: neither premises nor donors, nor an idea how to change it quickly. Only thanks to friendly people we could start working (they lent us the address necessary to register the association, they approximated the registration procedures). 

Thank you to those who trusted us. It is based on their commitment, selflessness, time, competences, we can help and more and more. 

Special thanks are:

  • the first Board of the Association, thanks to which we have existed and are still operating.

  • KNT Law Firm, which gave us the first seat in our office and supported us in all necessary long-term procedures (eg 1% statute).

  • Fremantle and Farmaprom for all the support.

  •  donors and individuals for voluntary account receipts.

  • all who give us strength to act through good words and energy.

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