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Education can change the lives of children from Cameroon. Those who want to help in this are invited to the "Donate scholarship" action.

This program includes a kindergarten and a primary school. Kisto in Yaounde, one of the poorest districts of the capital of Cameroon. Some of the children who live there do not have access to education.

Thanks to the support in the form of a scholarship, many students will be able to learn to read and write, and thus gain a chance for a better future.

The amount of scholarships:

  • Individual educational scholarship - minimum monthly amount: 50 PLN

  • Individual educational and social scholarship + basic medical care - minimum monthly amount: PLN 95 zł

  • Class scholarship - minimum monthly amount: PLN 25 (intended for a specific class, eg teaching aids)



Unfortunately, there is corruption in Cameroon. Therefore, gifts donated from Europe most often do not reach recipients. Even using the services of a professional courier company with global coverage does not guarantee the delivery of the parcel, and is also very expensive. Therefore sending material gifts, although it may seem from our perspective the most concrete help for Cameroon, does not work at all. The basic way to support our business is to transfer money, which we transfer directly to Darek, Marianne and Achille - people running Foyer St. Dominique. Thanks to that we are sure that help goes to those who need it.

How can you help children in Foyer St. Dominique?

  • By making a transfer or a permanent transfer order to our bank account in PLN 0 1020 2498 0000 8002 0268 4942.

  • By depositing any amount on-line through our website by clicking on the banner below. Settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out by


Donate 1%

Share with us what you give to the Tax Office anyway. Give us 1% of your tax. You have the right to it.

You also have the right to consent to providing us with your personal details (name, surname and address). This information is provided by the Tax Office. You can express your consent in the PIT form, by marking the appropriate box (PIT-28 - item 134, PIT-36 - item 310, PIT-36L - item 110, PIT-37 - item 129, PIT-38 - item 63 ). If you agree to the transfer of your data, we will inform you of what we have spent your money on.

Our National Court Register: : 0000313743


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Your help is also to support our activities by informing others about them. Comment, like and share us on Facebook ( Subscribe and forward our newsletter.

What is most important; make aware of the situation of children in Cameroon. Organize a meeting on this topic (we will be happy to help in its substantive preparation). The more people learn about our activities, the more Cameroon children will be able to get help.


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